Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 232

Day 232 - Super Sketchy Sunday
Okay, it's a day/two late, but here's my submission for the sketch challenge this week. I tried to make it look like a window, the scallops on the right side are the curtain (they need something but I couldn't come up with anything...) and the feather yarn on the right is a "garland" with rhinestone "berries" (actually crocheted this really quick so it had some weight). :) The sentiment was cut out on my Cricut using the Don Juan cart. TFL!

And just as a side note, when I was taking a pic of the card, Malie came up and looked like she wanted her picture taken too. Well, she had gotten a bag full of hand-me-down clothes today so she tried one on...OMG. She still HATES getting dressed up. It's really the only time she will sit ABSOLUTELY still...not sure why, but it makes me laugh EVERY time! You know the saying "If looks could kill"? Well, I'm just relieved it isn't true because the looks she gives me are scolding! Regardless, the pink coat was adorable but I can't see her wearing it outside...guess we'll have to wait until it gets into the 70s to try it! :-O


stamping by SAM said...

What a clever window you made! Doesn't it just make you miss our winter snows?!?

And that picture of my gran-puppy is just the cutest ever! The things our dogs do to keep humans happy! Acutally, I think I see her cheeks blushing - which just makes this picture so much cuter! Have a good day. Love, SAM aka MOM

Nina said...

Kim, your top card it so cute and it too, is very creative!! I so love the fiber as well! Now, that little doggie... LOL... what is it with people wanting to dress their furbabies!?! It really is a cute picture! I might have to make her into a stamped image!! seriously! Merry and Bright? Not so sure with that look, but for sure CUTE! LOL.. thanks for sharing!

Celeste said...

OMG! What a wonderful card! I like how you crocheted the yarn and put the "berries" in there.
Your dog is adorable too :-)

~amy~ said...

LOVE your card...excellent job on a difficult sketch!

OMGoodness..your puppy cracks me up!

Gloria Stengel said...

The card is wonderful. Love the garland!

If I were that poor puppy I'd pee on your shoes! LOL (Remind me to show you a photo of our poor cat in a pumpkin hat for Halloween...)