Sunday, November 1, 2009

TEST of scheduling feature

Sorry no cards to post but thought I'd share this picture of Malie and 3 of her sibs at the Halloween party Saturday afternoon. The cavewomen (who is in character btw, she normally doesn't look that mad) is the owner of the father of the puppies and the puppy dressed as the lobster (can't see his face but that's a dog under that red hood with eyes!). The puppies are from left to right KJ (lobster), Pomai (pumpkin), Malie (bee), and Bella (giraffe, can't see her face either but it's under the giraffe head). I wanted to test this post using the post scheduling feature. Let's hope this works and this is posted at midnight my time! aloha!



The scheduling feature worked, right on time! Love the pic of Kate, now where is your pic for my wallet? Love SAM aka MOM


Whoops! It's eary and did my normal 'skim' reading and thought that was Kate! Ahhhh - so sorry and please don't tell Kate! Love, SAM aka MOM

Nina said...

lol... now that is a kodac moment?! LOL.. cute cute