Saturday, July 18, 2009

Puppy Party!!

Okay, didn't have a chance to make cards today because I was preparing for the PUPPY PARTY! Malie and I went over (actually through) the mountain to the otherside of the island to party with her brother, KJ; her sisters, Maile, Pomai and Bella and all their families...well at least the female parts of their families (the husbands and most of the sons were mysteriously absent from this shindig...) Malie had a BALL and actually wore a dress all day! (it helped tell the puppies apart as they are very similar looking.) Here's some pics:
This is the birthday cupcake that I made for the puppies. Found the recipe on-line and it was super easy to make. That's carrots on top.

Here's Malie enjoying her cake. I was kinda worried that she wouldn't eat it as she can be finicky about WHEN she eats, but she dug right in and ate most it except for some of the icing.

Here's all the puppies (from left to right): Maile, Malie, Bella, KJ and Pomai

Here's the present and cake layout before the were given to the puppies.

Pretty part girl Malie...the hat just happened to match the dress (BTW I have only bought her a raincoat to wear (and she has yet to wear it outside)...all other clothes are provided by others but she seems to be getting used to wearing them). The hats are actually gift toppers that I took the loop off of and added an elastic chin strap to hold it on their heads. Worked perfectly.


SAM aka MOM said...

So, so, so CUTE! And to think I was invited to this fab doggy birthday party. Can't believe I missed the party of the year! Well, maybe next year I can attend the 2 year old party. Great looking gifts and cupcakes. Give Malie a hug for me.

craftieodamae said...

and I thought I spoiled my dog Bandit, I need to do better, I foresee a party in the future LOL! this is PRICELESS!