Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Blogiversary to ME!!

Deadline has been extended to August 18, 2010!!!!

Well, it's finally here...actually it "officially" was a few days ago, but as the song goes..."It's my party..." so I'll celebrate when I wanna! Yes, it's been one year since I started this blogging journey and my how the time as flown!! And oh my (!) how my cardmaking skills have advanced...can't say as much as my cardmaking gear as grown, but really can you ever have too much gear?!? :) Oh yeah, this is also my 150th post so, that's a pretty cool milestone to celebrate too!

 [If you're here for my regular 365 Cards wonderful Wednesday DT post, check this out! (Thanks Mom!!)] 

So here's the plan for my celebration (or "whopping candy party" as my mom referred to it!)....

For the month of July (well, until August 7 18, 2010), I will be having a "Blogiversary Scavenger Hunt"...what's that you say? Read on...

I got the idea from Jen at "Pieces of Me" when she had her 250K hits giveaways...I'll give you some items to find around your house, take pictures of and post to your blog (or to somewhere on the web). Then come back here and link them under the giveaways you want to enter in...easy peasy, right?!?

Don't have a blog? Well, get one (or post your pictures somewhere on the web)! :) It's so easy and fun that everyone should have one to share their creations! (Sorry I am not accepting email entries for the giveaways)

You do not have to be a follower of my blog to win (I want you to follow my blog because you like what I do not for what you could win!) nor do you have to leave a comment (I love reading them but am HORRIBLE at leaving them so I can't make you do something I don't do!) nor do you have to do a post about or leave a link on your blog back to this post (although I would love if you did either!)

In the interest of "Reducing, reusing, and recycling", most of the items I have available for my giveaways are things that I've had for a bit but have found that I rarely, if ever, use and I want them to find happy homes where they'll be lovingly used to create fabulous craft projects! I'll pay for shipping for the items, so you really can't loose, if you win that is! Just remember most of these items are not new and most have been slightly, though gently, used but are in wonderful working order at this time.

So here's what I have available, in no particular order:

Giveaway #1

Set 1 of Cutting Edge Kraft Edgers which includes 20 Long & Wide scissors in a rotating, hardwood rack. If you want to see what designs are included in this set, go click on the name and you'll find a picture of all 20. I've had these for a bit, but found when I used them, I couldn't cut a straight line!! Takes too much patience for me, but maybe you're better at that than I :)

So to enter in the drawing for this item, I want to see a picture of "something that rotates" in your house...I'm thinking a lazy susan or fan, but can't wait to see what else you can come up with! Post your picture below...

Giveaway #2
Set 2 of Cutting Edge Kraft Edgers which includes 20 Long & Wide scissors in a rotating, hardwood rack. Again, if you want to see what designs are included in this set, go click on the name and you'll find a picture of all 20.

To enter in the drawing for this item, I want to see a picture of "something metal" in your house...post your picture below.

Giveaway #3
A set of 81 Gel Writer gel pens. Most of these pens are glitter. Again I bought these and found that I don't use glitter pens that often so wanted to find them a better home. I have had them for awhile and have stored them tips up. I tried them all and while they all worked, I noticed that the ink in several had drifted away from the tip. I'll store them for the next month with tips down and see if that gets the ink back where it should be. If not, I'll offer a comparable giveaway of $20 in value...not sure what that will be yet so you'll have to take what you may get for this one. :)

To enter in the drawing for this item, I want to see a picture of "your favorite writing tool"...post your picture below.

Giveaway #4
One each Marcy Uchida Giga Scallop Oval, Giga Scallop Square, Mega Scallop Square and Mega Square punches. I used these for a little bit, but since I got my Nesties they sit neglected in a box (storage is an issue for me). So they are slightly used but still in working condition.

To enter in the drawing for these, I want to see a picture of "your favorite drink", get it "punch"..."drink"?!? (Thanks mom for that idea!) Post your picture below.

Giveaway #5
Hum, I don't scrapbook, so not sure why I got this other than I thought I'd be able to use it for cards. Well, I haven't so please someone give it a good home...it comes with the tray with storage shown on the packaging, along with 2 embossing styli, a stencil set (sampler), and project book. I'll also throw in a regular "ShapeBoss" stencil set (Floral) which I think will kinda work with this tray (you won't be able to secure all 4 sides but at least 2 to prevent it from moving) and a set of "CardBoss" templates (Congratulations/Baby).

To enter in the drawing for this item, I want to see a picture of "something you love". Post it below.

Giveaway #6
A grab bag of stamps (no picture...you'll have to take a chance...although I can tell you that they are all new in package) and some various embellies.

To enter in the drawing for this item, I want to see a picture of "what's outside your window". Post it below.

Okay, so that's what's on the block for 6 fabulous winners!! Well, you're all winners for entering but you know what I mean! :) Again, the drawings will be open until 12am (HST) on August 7 18, 2010 so plenty time to enter...but what are you waiting for?!? :) Thanks for celebrating with me!



Jessie said...

Sounds like fun Kim and happy blogaversary!

Patti J said...

Awww...Kim - Congrats on making this milestone! You and your blog rock! I never know what I'm going to find here, it's always a safe place to visit! Happy Blogaversary, and hope you have many more! This sounds like so much fun! (but number one never wins, so I don't wanna be first...)

Irena said...

Happy blogaversary!
I wish you many more blogaversaries!
You are very talanted lady, I like your creatons.


Happy Blogiversary my dear DD! I can't help but think back to the first time you picked up a pencil with your little hand and wrote you name. And then the smiley face you painted on the living room wall. I knew then that I had given birth to a budding artist! Hoo-ray and again - Happy Blogiversary!

ps I wanna play too!

Love, SAM aka MOM

♥♥♥Jan ♥♥♥ said...

I just looked out my window and it is completely black !! (That is what happens at night ... ) Maybe I should save my link and pic til tomorrow, huh. Great idea, and what a fun giveaway too !! Maybe I will have to enter it all, hmmmm.

Batraplume said...

Happy blog anniversary! and thanks for the chance to win! I like surprise so I choose the grab bag of stamps! Have a nice summer in your magical island!! :)

Jessica L said...

Happy blogaversary! I had a lot of fun with the scavenger hunt! Thanks so much for a chance to win :D